“Are You Scared for Your Kid’s Future?”

Episode Summary

Do you ever wonder about the world your children are going to be inheriting? When you ponder their future do you become anxious or worried? I think now more than ever before we hear a very similar narrative from parents, regardless of how old their children are; and rightfully so. Here at Be Courageous Ministries, we advocate for parenting in reality; fully aware of the culture wars of our generation and proactively parenting to equip our children as best as possible. I would say that the past three years, especially, parents have woken up to the harsh realities of the fallen world we live in. The truth is the world has always been this way, fallen. And the sins of today are not new to this generation though we would all like to believe that. The truth found in God’s Word reveals that these same temptations to sin and struggles existed even in biblical days. So what is the solution or encouragement? Join Angie and her daughter Megan as they share biblical truth and good reminders about where our hope is really to be found– in Jesus!